creativeCreating a video for your business at an affordable rate can be difficult. The Creative Video Company is dedicated to helping small and large businesses have their own video content without having to pay unnecessarily high prices.

Our friendly creative team can discuss content ideas with you before starting the production process. Whether you are after an engaging motion graphic, animated commercial, a snappy video to showcase your business or a series of informational videos, the Creative Video Company can help.


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Having a video on your website is increasingly important for boosting the site’s search engine rankings. We won’t bore you with the technical details here, but we recommend Googling “SEO benefits of video” if you would like to learn more.

Videos are also engaging marketing tools – they can be emailed to potential clients, promoted through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and embedded to give your website a third dimension.

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We are from a “small business” background so we understand the need for a service that is affordable without sacrificing quality. Building your online presence using video needn’t be expensive -


you may be surprised to learn how simple and affordable it can be.

The Creative Video Company production services come at unbeatable prices. For further information about video production, call our team on 01225 704761.