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Bath on TV, the online community TV channel for Bath…

BATHLocal online community TV channels provide a platform for local video content, whether it is produced by our own team or by you. Our local online community TV channels provide an engaging hub for news, entertainment and business – there to be harnessed by the members of your community.

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Getting Bath on digital TV…

Ofcom has invited expressions of interest to offer local TV services in 30 locations across the UK, ahead of a second phase of licensing.

In March, Ofcom announced that it had awarded 19 licences in the first phase. This follows duties given to Ofcom by Parliament to license local TV. It is hoped that some channels in the first phase may be on air before the end of 2013.

Ofcom is now inviting prospective applicants to submit expressions of interest for new local TV channels in 30 locations across the country. Bath is currently not one of these locations despite strong interest in the city… Take a look at the video above. 

Local TV channels will broadcast via a specific ‘multiplex’ which has a discrete amount of spectrum reserved for local TV broadcasting on digital terrestrial TV (DTT).

The closing date for expressions of interest was 24 April 2013. Ofcom will consider all responses and publish further details on any future licensing round later this year. It is possible that there may be channels in phase two locations on air by the end of 2014.

Don Foster, MP for Bath:

“Renowned across the world for its beauty, history and heritage, I know that Bath will inspire the production of some fantastic programming if awarded a digital TV licence. In recent times, our city has developed a burgeoning reputation for innovation and the addition of a digital TV channel to that mix would further enhance Bath’s thriving digital sector.

“With a tight knit community, I know that a local channel would be very well supported and as such am delighted to support Bath on TV’s bid for a licence.”