Why does your business need video?

If a picture paints a thousand words then it’s unsurprising that the exciting visuals showcased in online videos are becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to finding potential customers, the reach of video is endless. Worldwide more than 1 billion people watch online videos every month (Youtube) and in the UK branded video content reaches 46% of internet users. More than half of these people will subsequently click on the brand’s website (Econsultancy)

What was once something ‘nice to have’ is now a vital element for any company’s marketing campaign. As well as looking great on your website, video can help boost rankings on Google’s search engine driving traffic to your site so more people can find your business. 67% of companies now use video (Axonn Research). The main reasons for this are to increase engagement with their customers, improve SEO and to reach out to target audiences. People prefer to learn visually and find video the easiest way to understand what a company does and has to offer.

  •  71% feel more positive about a brand that publishes video content (Axonn research)
  • Video promotion is 6 times more effective than online and print (b2bmarketing.net)
  •  The chances of getting a listing on the first page of Google is increased 53 times with video (Forrester Research)
  •  By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco)
  • Video ads account for 1/4 of all online videos viewed in the US (comScore)

 But is video really a possibility for small businesses?


Video content is becoming increasingly affordable and better quality.

However, if you want to realise video’s true potential do not neglect social media which is overwhelmingly the most popular way to share video content by using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. These platforms will make it easy for users to find and share your video.