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Benfica debuts in Champions League win over Maccabi Haifa

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The Eagles didn’t want to lose their rhythm in their difficult group and made their Champions League debut in the best possible way. Benfica beat Maccabi Haifa 2-0, trailing Paris Saint-Germain in Group H.

It is not easy for the local team to face the Israeli team, which is about to return to the Champions League. The first half was a blank slate, but the tension at the Grand Luz was absent.

In the second half, Benfica locked the three-pointer within 5 minutes. In the 49th minute, Rafa Silva tapped the first goal after a cross, and in the 54th minute, Alejandro Grimaldo scored a brilliant goal to hang the keeper to end the victory.

With this result, Benfica are second behind Paris Saint-Germain and ahead of Juventus, whose next opponents will play on Wednesday the 14th at 2:00pm. Si también sigues el camiseta Benfica 2023, ??haz clic en –, verás las equipaciones futbol baratas de varios equipos de fútbol, ??definitivamente encontrarás tus camisetas favoritas de futbol 2023.

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